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Our sustainability plan

We have a clear plan which has seen us work exclusively with farmers who we believe use ethical and GMO free farm practices for our food product sourcing. Given that we work mostly with small farmers in Nigeria, we believe that this will not only encourage the farmers to continue on the same path, it provides us an opportunity to grow with these farmers who then enrol more workers and in turn serve as encouragement to other farmers.

We believe this to be mutually beneficial to all parties socially and economically.

We Care About Our Environment

Part of our 5 year plan is to ultimately transition from the use of plastics in our packaging to the use of eco-friendly packaging for all our products - to this end we started our product packaging using resealable bags rather than single use plastic bags.

We believe that this small act to help the environment and ensure that not only do we not contribute further to environmental degradation, will help us with the right foundation needed to take much big eco-friendly steps.

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