Oma's Little Story

The name “Oma” which we named Oma’s Whole Foods after (pronounced “ọ-ma”) is coined from Komasirichi, an Igbo name which loosely translates to ‘as God pleases’.

Oma’s whole foods is an indigenous whole foods company set up in 2019 to process and package healthy and safe food products for the health-conscious consumer.

We are a women-led, whole foods company focused on healthy, additive-free, vegan friendly products. Our mission is to help people eat real and feel good about their food choices by providing non-processed, authentic foods made from scratch - from local farms. Our products are delicious, fast and convenient.

We have a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds in Nigeria and pay special attention to the inclusion of members of underrepresented groups in the wider society.

The company offers a wide range of great tasting, healthy and organic products.

Our Story and the Journey so far

Following the increase in consumer demand for healthy food products, our research led to the realization of issues like inconsistency in taste, ambiguous and in most cases unhealthy production process and a lack of visual appeal as the main concerns consumers have with locally-made packaged food products available to the Nigerian consumer within the country and in the diaspora. Mrs. Chinweokwu Shen, the founder then began her product development with the major objective being to add value while addressing these concerns amongst other things.

This led to the development of the recipe and package design for two of our best-selling products – Oma’s crisps; a re-imagination of traditional plantain crisps but with a better recipe, healthier and safer production process and Oma’s Potato and Plantain flour to appeal to health-conscious consumers in markets within and outside Nigeria

Within the first few months, we went from producing and selling a handful of bags to friends and family to bootstrapping in order to set up a factory with machinery for processing, production and packaging with the capacity to produce 10 cartons of (24 packs) daily. Since then, we have grown tremendously in a sustained manner increasing our production capacity by at least 100% YoY. At the moment, we have the capacity to process 8.7 tonnes of plantain daily which roughly translates to 2,179 packs of plantain crisps (2.1 tonnes) in daily production.

We are proud to say that our first product offering has become Nigeria’s fastest-growing plantain crisps within this period.

We are committed to working with local farmers, training our workers and attaining a zero-waste production in 5 years. We believe that only then can we create practices that support our families, our planet, and ultimately all life. We want to be a part of the solution; not part of the problem.

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